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The real woman in the red room is writer and editor Shana Scott. I love fantasy and sci-fi and have a habit of arranging my figures to tell silly stories. More than anything I consider myself to be a character-driven world-builder.  I enjoy writing all kinds of speculative fiction—epic fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi—and change genres often, depending on the world I create. I am a member of the SFWA.

I have an epic fantasy world full of political intrigue and drama. It’s characters have lived their entire lives at war, and the road to peace is a long, dangerous one to walk, no matter how powerful they are. This world includes “Spies and Taboos.”

My urban fantasy world is a bit lighter, though not without its dark elements lurking in the shadows. Lots of fun with sorcerers, vampires, werewolves, and all kinds of myths and supernatural creatures. “Maria Morvena and the Deathless One,” “The Legend of Koshchey and Maria Morevna,” “Waiting for the Rain,” and “Waking the Monsters” are about characters in this world.

Then there’s my space comedy, whose world came about completely unintentionally yet somehow fully formed with aliens species working together even if they don’t always understand each other. “A Cure for Homesickness” was the catalyst for this world.

Shana Scott's dog Howl

I consider myself a pop culture academic. I firmly believe we should critically look at the things we love in media. Just because we love it doesn’t mean we can’t see its flaws, too. I have a BA in Creative Writing, a BS in Psychology, and an MA in Professional Writing and Publishing. (Yes, I enjoyed school.) In my day job, I work as a content writer and digital archivist digitizing historical documents and writing on my lunch break.

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