Mirrors & Thorns

Mirrors & Thorns is now officially available for order in both print and ebook format.

My story, “Maria Morevna and the Deathless One” is included. The characters are very loosely based off of two in Russian folktales: Maria Morevna and Koshchey the Deathless One. It’s always fun to look at old stories in a new way.

Maria Morevna and the Deathless One
Check out the fun promo OWS made for my story.

In my story Maria Morevna is more than the damsel to be saved. She is determined to have a life of greatness, and when she meets Koshchey she finds her equal. Not that he agrees. With Baba Yaga’s help, Maria Morevna tries to take the life she feels entitled to with her own hands.

Maria Morevna and the Deathless One
More OWS made promo.

I love playing with folklore. A lot of my stories are based on old stories or the ideas and themes of oral tradition. I first encounter the old Russian folktales of Maria Morevna and Koshchey doing research for a different story and they were too interesting not to play with. They’re not presented the way I show them, but I found them interacting in far more stories than you’d think, given the variation between stories. I imagined if so many tales put them together, then maybe there’s a reason for that, and “Maria Morevna and the Deathless One” is the reason I came up with.

If you enjoy the story, you can continue their adventures in The Rogue’s Gallery with its sister story, “The Legend of Koshchey and Maria Morevna.”

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