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rejection fantasy scifi author Shana Scott

I’m excited to have a guest blog, “When You’re Just Not Ready for Rejection,” up at If you ever read about the constant rejection you have to go through to achieve your dreams and felt sick to your stomach, this is the article for you.

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  1. Dear Shana, I so love your blogpost on “When you’re not ready.” I had a bad rejection letter in 2011, containing this sentence: “this kind of book should not be written.” The manuscript was an academic one, and a respected university press had rejected it. Now, I’m turning the project into a blog, which should launch sometime this summer: “Voice Upon Voice: Readers of Toni Morrison.” But about the rejection letter: I struggled, got good counseling, good friends supportive, and still could do nothing but look at my work as a deformed child that i somehow needed to reconstruct or just kill. Many years went by, me hanging on through research research research. Actually, that has worked out well, because since the summer of 2018 (not even a year, yet!), I’ve been using that research to not just reconstruct but reconceive my project altogether. 7 years’ worth of writer’s block, or freeze; at times during these years i would actually start to write, but soon a grey, stinking feeling would come over me. But changing the medium; for me that let the floodgates open. My writing process has been the best it’s ever been. Also: I had decided about a year ago that if I was not having fun writing, I didn’t have to do it. That freed me as well. And yes, I am more mature, as you stated, and less likely to care about rejection. Thanks so much!


    • Thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m glad you were able to connect with the article, and I’m happy to hear that you’ve found the correct place for your research. Sometimes it takes years to work through rejection like that, but that doesn’t mean the work doesn’t have value. Good luck and keep writing!

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  2. Congrats on getting published on Jane Friedman’s blog. Everyone loves her! I was just reading and editing the interview you did with Marybeth for WOW! (We are publishing it at the end of the month),and I wound up here to get your blog address for your bio. 🙂 Anyway, the interview turned out great, and I thought I would say hi!


    • Thank you! I was really excited she accepted my article and I can’t wait to see the interview up on WOW! Thanks for all your hard work editing it.


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