The Society of Misfit Stories Published

Society of Misfit Stories Cover

My story, “The Curse of Manorville House,” was previous published as a ebook by Bards and Sages publishing. It’s now part of their yearly collection available in print or ebook.

Check out The Society of Misfit Stories, Volume 3.

The Mandalorian—aka, The Adventures of Baby Yoda and Space Dad

Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, Star Wars

Admit it, you’d totally watch a show called The Adventures of Baby Yoda and Space Dad. If you haven’t guessed yet, there will be minor spoilers for The Mandalorian.

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New Article Publication

Mass Effect 3 FemShep

Happy to announce my (very) academic article “Paragon or Renegade: Teaching Aristotelian Virtue through the Rhetoric of Gaming in the Mass Effect Series” has been published in the first issue of Part of the Discourse. I’m a pop culture academic and love taking a deep dive into fandoms I love.

It is available for purchase on Amazon for $6.

Losing Spiderman: Sony and Disney’s Failure to the Fans

Spiderman Sony Marvel

If you haven’t heard already, which would be surprising if you are on any form of social media, the deal between Sony and Disney to include Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has ended. Unless any remaining negotiations bear fruit, Spidey will no longer appear in any Marvel produced movie or added in as part of plans of the overall MCU. Read More

WOW! Interview with Marybeth Niederkorn

Women on Writing - Shana Scott Interviews Marybeth Niederkorn

I’m happy to have interviewed Marybeth Niederkorn, Author for WOW! Women on Writing‘s special poetry issue. We talk book launches, press releases, and dealing with the media. It may be a poetry issue, but these tips can help any author.

New Guest Blog at

rejection fantasy scifi author Shana Scott

I’m excited to have a guest blog, “When You’re Just Not Ready for Rejection,” up at If you ever read about the constant rejection you have to go through to achieve your dreams and felt sick to your stomach, this is the article for you.

Do You Fight the Urge to Edit Right Away?

Editing Fantasy Sci-fi author Shana Scott

I’m going to pull back from world building a little bit to talk about the editing process. How writers edit their own work differs from person to person, but there are general, broad -level steps most take. Write a draft, get feedback, edit, get feedback again, edit second draft, and so on. But do you edit yourself before you ever write? Read More

New Article Publication

Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team

As part of my job at Anderson Archival, I write content for the company. I’m happy to say one of my articles is featured as a guest blog on the Society of American Archivists’ blog of the Electronic Records Section (bloggERS!).

Digitizing the Stars: Harvard University’s Glass Plate Collection is about the early astronomical photographic techniques, the female computers who studied them, and what the Harvard Observatory is doing to bring all that data into the digital age.

(Cover Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team)

How Kingdom Hearts Failed Its Expanded Universe (Spoiler Free)

Kingdom Hearts III

With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3), a game I’ve wanted pretty much since KH2 came out in 2005, I’ve really been thinking about the role of an expanded universe of titles on various franchises. Expanded universes exist in all forms of media, including comic books, books, TV shows, movies, audio dramas, and video games. And we generally love them for it. Fantasy and science fiction fans seem especially drawn to expanded universes. As someone who often says “I want to write all the stories” of the worlds I create, the bigger question is why not explore these amazing universes to their fullest? Read More

New Poem in Darkling’s Beasts & Brews

Darklings Lycan Valley Press

Darkling’s Beasts & Brews published by Lycan Valley Press is now available for pre-order.

It includes my poem “And They Ride.” I don’t consider myself a poet, but every once in a while I manage one and this one was accepted. Plus the book has a whole slew of drink recipes, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. So it’s both fun and useful!